The Water-Energy Nexus (WEN) is EcoPeace’s flagship project for climate change adaptation and mitigation. EcoPeace proposes the vision of a regional water-energy community between Jordan, Israel and Palestine that would create healthy and sustainable regional interdependencies based on critical natural resources, with Israel and Palestine producing desalinated water and selling it to Jordan, while Jordan would sell Palestine and Israel renewable energy, thereby enabling each partner to harness their comparative advantage in the production of renewable energy and water. WEN's potential impact goes beyond Jordan, Israel and Palestine.

In the Middle East it could expand to include additional countries such as Lebanon (adding coastline), Egypt/Sinai (adding both coastline and desert areas), Saudi Arabia and parts of Syria, Iraq. In fact, the WEN model for optimizing natural resource-management via collaboration between hinterland and coastal areas, is relevant worldwide.


Gidon Bromberg


Poster Session 4 (Nexus Pilots), Room 2 - 29th September, 09:15 to 10:15



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