It is hard enough to manage water to imagine how difficult it is to try to combine water with other parameters like energy, food, land, environment and Algeria is part of so many countries that have always managed their resources separately without taking into account the interactivity and the complexity of relationships between its sectors.
Algeria like all other countries, try to achieve sustainable development goals and it makes good progress in this area since she is ranked 1st among the Arab countries which have exceeded two-thirds of the way to achieve the SDGs (Luomi, 2019)

Nevertheless, Algeria is still working to satisfy the population with water of quality and quantity, in addition to a source of energy and to ensure food security.

It is in this context that we will conduct our research, in order to find the ideal balance between water, energy and food, and analyze the interface that exists between these sectors using systems thinking that allows to study the whole system rather than parts.
The involvement of the stakeholders in this research will give another insight into the management methods of these different sources, and why not find solutions in this context.


Mostefaoui Leila


Poster Session 2 (Water/Food), Room 3 - 28th September, 09:45-10:45



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