Rene Wyndham Sweeney

Rene Wyndham has been a Moderator for conferences across Europe since 2007.  Her specialities include climate change and environment,  health, education, the arts and human rights. Recently she has converted to virtual moderation and online  webinars.

After teaching at Nice University for 3 years, Rene worked for many years as TV / Radio Journalist, Presenter and Producer at the BBC.

Using her 6 languages she worked as a journalist for national TV stations in France and Germany.  These included Euronews, ARD 1 (Germany) Swiss TV, ARTE (France and Germany) and France 3.

Currently, Rene also trains CEOs and TV professionals across Europe in public speaking and TV presentation.

Rene graduated at the University of Exeter, U.K., in modern languages and philosophy, and holds a Masters Degree in Existentialism. 


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