Carlo Giupponi

Carlo GIUPPONI is Full Professor of Applied Economics at the Department of Economics, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and Dean of the Venice International University. His research activity focuses on sustainability science and global change, with specific interests for valuation methods, scenario analysis and the integrated  - economic, environmental and social - assessment of natural resources, at local to global scales.

The most relevant methodological contributions are in the field of disciplinary integration, through the development of original methods and tools adopting participatory approaches, system dynamics and spatial analysis as means for supporting decisions of private companies and public bodies. He has several responsibilities in academic institutions and elsewhere, including participations at boards of scientific journals (e.g. SESMO), associations and networks (e.g. Global Compact, Future Earth).

He is in the top 2% 2020 of international scientific authors of any discipline, based on standardized citation indicators and the Reuters 2020 "Hot List" of the 1000 most influential authors in the field of climate studies.


Participating in: Session 3 - A step change in science to enable Nexus policy decisions under consensus



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