Klelia Vasiliou

Klelia Vasiliou is the Commissioner for the Environment of the Republic of Cyprus. She was born on December 11, 1979 and grew up in the village of Pelendri in Troodos.

She graduated in 1997 from the High School of Agros, from the Classical Studies Department.

From 2003 to 2009 she worked in various positions in private companies as Personnel Manager and Purchasing Manager in a large Pharmaceutical Import Company, while also having experience in political communication and marketing.

In 2009 she took over the position of Director of the Troodos Development Company until her appointment to the position of Deputy Government Representative in 2018.

Previously, and more specifically in 2017, she also took over, after her appointment by the President of the Republic, the Presidency of the Cyprus Forest Industries, a role crucial for the future of the Organization.

During her work at the Troodos Development Agency, for 9 years, she had the opportunity to work on a wide range of topics related to the environment and man.

Having as a priority the harmonious coexistence of humanity and its needs with the environmental obligations of a particularly sensitive area such as Troodos, she participated in countless consultations, workshops and conferences both as an organizer and as a coordinator and participant.

The proclamation of the wider Troodos area as a UNESCO World Geopark is the result of all the above efforts, since the Geopark incorporates the full range of environmental protection and promotion from a scientific, administrative, tourist, developmental and environmental point of view. 


Participating in: Opening - High Level Political Session



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