Karen Coleman

Karen Coleman is an award-winning broadcaster, journalist and documentary filmmaker from Ireland. She is the editor of EuroParlRadio which reports on stories from the European Parliament for Irish radio stations.

Karen is also the founder and CEO of Irish company SkyeByte productions, which makes multi-media content for online platforms and broadcasting outlets.

A former BBC foreign correspondent, Karen has been covering European and international affairs for radio and television for many years. She has worked for both the public and commercial broadcast industries including a ten-year stint with the BBC. Karen presented the award-winning international affairs radio show The Wide Angle on Newstalk radio in Ireland for many years.

Karen regularly moderates high-level conferences that cover a wide range of topics from complex EU issues to economic, environmental, political, health and other topics. She is also a published author. Her book “Haunting Cries” covers the stories of people who were abused as children in religious institutions in Ireland.

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